053: Jake Wharton on RxJava (2)

We have Jake Wharton and RxJava in one episode ?. In this power-packed episode we talk to Jake about the advances in RxJava 1.x since the last time he was on the show and also looking ahead at the advancements coming down with RxJava 2. If you’re interested in RxJava, this episode will definitely be a treat!

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Watch out for a special guest cameo by the adorable Olive.

Show Notes

Looking ahead



  • I thought it was a super interesting episode, well like always really.
    However usually you make sure to explain at least a little bit most of what you’re talking about in case the listeners don’t know about it, which is great. This time however, you went through “subjects”, which I believe you’ve never talked about on the show and sort of assumed everyone knew about it … I have to say I don’t and I would have loved to have a little more explanation before saying “well it’s just like subjects” :)

    But again, thanks for the great podcast. I am very much looking forward to the next one, as always!

  • neoranga

    I loved it, awesome episode, so much useful information.