005: Image libraries for Android

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn and Kaushik start off by discussing the tips and tricks available for efficiently loading images in an Android app. Good image libraries make use of these techniques and perform all the heavy lifting in the background. So they then discuss the different image library options available for Android developers.


Show Notes

Techniques/tips on effective image rendering in Android:

Bitmap sizes and allocation:

Reuse bitmaps:

Downsample bitmaps


Image libraries for Android:

Image library comparisons:

Awesome picks:


Donn Felker

Kaushik Gopal

002: Android Studio

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn and Kaushik talk about the official IDE for Android development – “Android Studio”. Why should you care about your IDE? Is Android Studio really open source? What are some of the advantages of using Android Studio? How can you customize and tweak Android Studio so you take your android development game to the next level? Listen to this episode and find out. The awesome picks for this episode are particularly awesome too.


Show Notes/Links

Android Studio (official IDE):

“Open source-ness” of Android Studio:

Environment customizations:

Annotation Magic:

Learning Android Studio resources:

The most important things on the internet:

Awesome picks:

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