012: Continous Integration and Collective Code Ownership

In this episode we’re trying something new. Everyone has requested more episodes of the podcast. In short, everyone wants a weekly show. So this week, we’re introducing what we call a mini-episode … or as we like to call them a “Fragment”. Fragment episodes will be shorter in length but still packed with goodness. They will range from ~7-25 minutes in length and will showcase either Kaushik, myself (Donn) or both of us.

In the first “Fragment” installment we’re going to talk about Continuous Integration (CI) and Collective Code Ownership (CCO). Donn talks about what CI is, why its important and how it benefits you and your team. He then dives right into CCO and how it can be facilitated through testing.

We hope you enjoy these new mini-episodes … aptly named … Fragments. :)


Show Notes

Continuous Integration solutions:

Continuous Delivery:


Donn Felker

Kaushik Gopal