229: Native Where You Need It with Turbo (Launch Your Side Projects Faster)


In this episode, Kaushik peppers Donn with questions about his foray into Android Turbo, Hotwire, and the concept of “Native Where You Need It”.

Donn recently launched Android Jumpstart, the Android client for the Jumpstart Rails trifecta. Jumpstart Rails allow you to launch your SaaS business much faster than if you were to do it from the ground up.

The Android client for Jumpstart Rails builds on top of Turbo and Hotwire, two technologies that help power the Hey email client and Basecamp (the project management app). By using Turbo and Hotwire you’re able to get very fast response times and speed with “HTML Over the Wire” (aka Hotwire) with Websockets and much more. This allows your web app to be super fast and when packaged with Android Turbo, allows your web app to live within a native shell. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean its simply a web wrapper. With Android Turbo you can specify which URL routes you’d like to be as native and which ones you’d like to remain web-based. This means you can choose to use Native when you need it, and delegate back to the web for everything else.

This is the solo founder, indie-hacker, and startup SaaS dream come true. You can come to market faster, iterate with a smaller team and get native benefits when and where you need it, all while also allowing your application to be flexible in a web manner.

If you’re thinking about building a SaaS app that needs a web presence, Android and iOS presence but want fully native experiences in certain areas then this will be the episode for you.


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