133: Dependency Injection and Service Locators in a Kotlin world with Danny Preussler

A hotly debated topic at the moment is the use of a library like Dagger for dependency injection in the world of Kotlin. In this episode, we talk to Danny Preussler. Danny’s a pro who’s been around from the Java 1.0 days! He helps trace the history of dependency injection in Java all the way to today, in a Kotlin world where there exists alternatives like Koin and Kodine.

We dive into how some of these use a Service Loader/Locator pattern and the subtle differences with dependency injection. Listen on for an action packed episode.

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Show Notes

Service Locators vs Dependency Injection

Your application is aware it’s using a Service Locator, but your application should be totally un-aware that it’s using a Dependency Injection Container.


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