078: Ten Testing Strategies with Michael Bailey

In this episode, Donn sits down with fellow Android GDE, Michael Bailey to cover 10 testing strategies to help you get your application under test and to make sure your testing environment is top notch. They start off with the basics and then progress further down the testing rabbit hole eventually covering topics like cloud-based testing labs, hermetic testing and much much more. This episode will help provide you with a blueprint of how to get your Android app under test and get you to a level where you can develop your app with confidence.


The Ten Tips

  1. Use Espresso for functional/integration testing
  2. Mock data and API endpoints to keep tests hermetic
  3. Utilize JUnit JVM Tests and patterns for a fast dev cycle
  4. Utilize a git branching strategy and utilize pull requests (PR’s) for code reviews
  5. Use CI to run the tests and provide constant feedback
  6. Speed up testing and ease of testing with shell helpers and helper classes for testing
  7. Cloud Testing Services
  8. Mutation Testing
  9. Thoughts on code coverage & value based testing
  10. Don’t let flaky tests linger

Show Notes