144: Developer productivity tools chat

In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk about productivity tools for developers. As developers, what are some additional tools and utilities that really up your game. If you wanted to see how they tweak their development environments and workstations in general, this is a good episode to listen. Also introducing a Fragmented Discord Chat server!



Productivity tools

Keyboard Maestro

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Fragmented Discord Chat Server

Kaushik and I are excited to announce that we’ve created a public Discord server that you can join, for free to chat with other folks in the community.

We wanted to create a place where listeners could get together, ask questions, communicate and help each other. The goal of our podcast has always been to share knowledge and we feel that this is only a natural extension of our original vision.

Join Here

You can join the discord group by installing the Discord app and joining the server via the link below.

Why didn’t you use Slack?

This is a great question, and one that we grappled with for a bit. Ultimately it came down to the fact that Slack has a 10,000 message limit on the free plan. This severely limits the usefulness of Slack (in our opinions). Without message history its a limited chat. With history, it provides a rich history of searchable content for the community.

Therefore we decided to go with Discord. It is free to use and has unlimited message history that can be searched.

Why didn’t you use Telegram? Discord is mainly for gamers …

Discord allows us to have various channels/rooms where discussions can be broken out into. We have rooms for design, testing, architecture, etc. Using Telegram, this would not be possible.

While Discord is very popular for gamers, it is used widely in various other industries as well.

Code of Conduct

We do our best to model ourselves as responsible stewards of the community and in doing such we have established a code of conduct that all members of the discord server must abide by. Read it here.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments, questions, etc.

-✌️ Donn & Kaushik

143: Real world testing thoughts

In this mini fragment, Donn and Kaushik share some thoughts on real world testing with Android development – a favorite topic of theirs.

Kaushik recently ran into a case where an espresso test fails because the UI stops performing. It’s an interesting discussion on figuring out what matters when you write your tests. They dive into strategies and techniques around testing. What makes a good test, what should you be testing?

They then talk about why Hermetic testing is pretty hard on mobile and ideas around a simple solution that could be provided out of the box. They then round it up talking about TDD and it’s role in today’s world.

Hope you enjoy this one!



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