247: The Art of App Modularization with Siggi Jonsson


In this episode, we talk to, Siggi Jonsson. Siggi helps guide us through the complex and often confusing world of Android app modularization. Our conversation will begin by shedding light on the importance of modularization, what triggers the need for breaking projects into multiple modules, and how modularization relates to team size, feature teams, and code ownership. This discussion is aimed at demystifying how and why developers often choose to modularize their applications.

As we move forward, we’ll dive into more advanced aspects of modularization, such as the challenges of scaling and the potential missteps in over-modularization. Drawing on real-world experiences, we’ll examine the red flags that signal a need for revising your modularization strategy. This part of our discussion will also highlight some specific tools and techniques that can help manage and visualize your project’s modularization, and Siggi will share his own experiences and insights into how these tools have assisted in his modularization strategy.

In the final part of the episode, we’ll touch on the benefits and strategies of proper modularization. Siggi will share practical advice on how to tackle big projects, fix issues with modularization, and make a smooth transition from monolithic to modular structures. We’ll also talk about some tools that can be handy in this process. Before closing, Siggi will offer his top tips for developers embarking on their modularization journey and share some valuable resources to help them. Siggi will also provide updates on his latest work and how listeners can reach out to him.


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