248 – Feature Flags & A/B Testing: A Deep Dive with Ishan Khanna


In this edition of Fragmented, we’re thrilled to host Ishan Khanna, a software engineer at Tinder who possesses great enthusiasm for feature flags and A/B testing. Donn discusses why he invited Ishan on the show, highlighting Ishan’s passion for feature flagging and A/B testing. The conversation kicks off with an insightful story from Ishan about feature flagging at Booking.com, leading to a discussion on the difference between A/B Testing and Feature Flags, when and why to introduce feature flagging, and how to measure its effectiveness. The show also focuses on the benefits and risks of feature flagging, along with ways to manage potential complexities in the codebase.

We then delve deeper into the topic of feature flagging, covering how to get started, what to look for in a tool, and the role of testing. Discussion points include the best practices for rollout percentages, considerations for multi-platform implementation, and the specifics of targeting in feature flagging. The conversation wraps up with an exploration of available tools for those looking to introduce feature flagging or A/B testing frameworks into their operations, examining when it might be necessary to build a bespoke solution.

The episode offers a wealth of resources for listeners, including links to an array of feature flagging and A/B testing tools, such as Firebase Remote Config, Optimizely, and LaunchDarkly. For more insight into the topics discussed, Ishan recommends his Droidcon Berlin talk on ‘Customer Driven Development’ and Stuart Frisby’s talk on A/B Testing. To reach out to Ishan, listeners can contact him via Twitter, LinkedIn, or his website.


Here are the links mentioned in the document, in markdown format:

  1. Firebase Remote Config
  2. Optimizely
  3. LaunchDarkly
  4. AWS AppConfig for Feature Flags
  5. VWO
  6. Unleash – Open Source Feature Flags
  7. Posthog Feature Flags and A/B Testing
  8. Ishan’s Droidcon Berlin Talk
  9. Stuart Frisby’s Talk on A/B Testing
  10. Erindoesthings

Contact Ishan

  1. Ishan on Twitter – @droidchef
  2. Ishan on LinkedIn
  3. Ishan’s Website

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