fragmented-logo.png Fragmented is the Android developer podcast where Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal talk about building good software and becoming better Android developers. We engage in bi-weekly banter about the platform, tools, patterns and practices that helps a developer go from good to amazing. Occasionally, we interview the best of our trade and get their opinions and learnings.

Why we started this show: Most other platforms today have some amazing podcasts focused on the developers. We were tired of doing the dishes, finishing up laundry, driving to work… and becoming better Web and iOS developers. We wanted to become better Android developers so we decided to start this podcast.

About Donn Felker: Donn is a 4 Time Android Book Author and an International Speaker on Android. He runs Caster.IO (Android Screencasts) and Android Dev Digest. The list of Android Apps and libraries he’s helped build include RealmPoynt (Custom dual screen device, forked Android to create the PoyntOS), Groupon, MyFitnessPal and many more. You can find out more about him here. Follow Donn on twitter here: @donnfelker

About Kaushik Gopal: Kaushik is a Senior Android Developer at Instacart. Previously he was responsible for building the Android app for Wedding Party. He was a web developer all his life until one day he thought this fancy thing people carry in their purse called a “smart phone” was pretty interesting. He’s been teaching himself Android development ever since. You can find his technical posts here and most other technical stuff over at github. He’s pretty active on his personal blog too. Click here to find out more about him.  Follow Kaushik on Twitter here: @kaushikgopal

  • Filip Kastrup

    I really enjoy the show and appreciate the work you guys are doing.

    • Hey @filipkastrup:disqus thanks! We’re glad you’re enjoying it.

  • Great podcast, thank you guys! Will there be room for topic suggestions? We’re currently working with AndroidAnnotations, Robotium and ORMLite and I’d like to hear your thoughts on those libraries.

    • Hey @crisi123:disqus – we’ere always open to topic suggestions. I think the only problem we have right now is how long our list is getting. :) We’ll get to everything … eventually. Please send in the topic suggestions though!

  • Harshvardhan Trivedi

    Thanks for these podcast guys.it’s getting better and better.

  • Neel Raj

    Hi Donn and Kaushik. Great work on the Developer podcast. I’ve been into Android Development for a couple of months now and I was looking for something exactly like this. The episode on image libraries was really helpful and I was wondering if you could maybe do an episode about image filters and image editing, both through absolute code or with any good libraries, if available.

  • ceosilvajr

    You guys are awesome!