206: DevOps for Developers with Will Button


In this episode, Donn talks with DevOps expert, Will Button about everything DevOps-related. If you’re ever wondered how and what DevOps is, then listen in.


Will walks you through the definition of DevOps and how it’s used in a company. You’ll learn the 20% of DevOps you should know that will get you 80% of the benefit. You’ll also learn about a bunch of automation technology that will help you and your team level up your environments so that you can become super efficient in your day-to-day engineering activities.
In this episode, Donn talks about the best way to learn a new technology from the ground up. Want to learn something new?  This episode is for you.

You’ll learn Donn’s proven 5-step methodology for learning new technology. This is the same method Donn has used for over 2 decades of learning new technology. We hope it helps you.  

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