004: The RxJava show with Dan Lew (Part 2)

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In this episode of Fragmented, Donn and Kaushik continue their conversation with Dan Lew on RxJava. In the final part of this 2 part series, they talk about many useful RxJava operators and other intricacies of using RxJava in Android.


Show Notes

RxJava Operators:

RxJava Components:


Hot  vs Cold observables – From the RxJs wiki [github.com]

  • uses js instead of java, but concepts are the same and this is the best explanation I’ve found so far.

RxJava wiki on Backpressure [github.com]:

  • Ring buffer size: `System.setProperty(“rx.ring-buffer.size”, “128”);`
  • Issue with changing buffer ring size [github.com]
  • It’s 16 on Android, down from 1024 originally. :P So it’s actually 64x smaller.

Awesome picks:

Dan Lew:

  • Simple Made Easy (talk by Rich Hickey creator of Clojure) [infohq]
  • Victor by Trello (SVG assets) [github.com]



  • Therapeutic Refactoring (talk by Katrina Owen) [youtube.com]


Dan Lew

Donn Felker

Kaushik Gopal