203: Jetbrains Projector with Joaquim


In this episode, we talk to acclaimed Android developer Joaquim Verges. He recently embarked on a journey of making is laptop not burn like a furnace when using Android Studio. He landed up on this unknown effort by Jetbrains called Projector and seems to have found programmer Nirvana.

Listen to his adventures.


Jetbrains Projector


020: Talking Kotlin with Hadi Hariri

A tonne of folks have been asking for a show on Kotlin. We got the best person in the business to take us through what could possibly be our new hope.


Show Notes

Jetbrains products

Smaller IDES

Hadi’s 3 tips for Intellij

  1. Don’t use the Mouse! Mouseless driven development [vimeo.com]
  2. Cmd Shift A – look up other commands
  3. Don’t use the Find box to find things: Prefer shortcuts like Cmd O/Cmd Shift O


Getting started with Kotlin

Kotlin tools

Sample projects with Kotlin


Awesome picks:

Hadi Hariri

Kaushik Gopal

  • When looking for solutions to a problem, search the source code first before StackOverflow
  • When working on a feature, change your launcher activity (temporarily) to the one you’re working on

Donn Felker

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