238: How to Land a Job (if you got laid off or if you’re just starting out)


In this episode, Donn talks about the tips and tricks he’s used over the last 20 years of consulting, freelancing and working full time to find jobs and new opporftunities. We’re hoping some of these tips help those affected by the recent tech layoffs.

These are tips that Donn still uses to this day. They work wonders to help you land a job quickly when you do them.

The tips:

  1. Update your LinkedIn Profile and Build a Resume with the LinkedIn Resume Builder
  2. Set your LinkedIn status to “Open to Work” via the “Open to Work” feature on LinkedIn
  3. Directly Reach out to Recruiters you know or have interacted with
  4. Manual Discovery: Visit various companies career pages and job board and apply directly

Ancillary Tips to Boost Your Chances of Landing a Job:

  1. Blog about the technology you’re looking to get a job in
  2. Create a demo app or an app you can use to showcase your talents and put it on GitHub
  3. Record a How To Video and post it to YouTube showing how to do something, such as a tutorial
  4. Record/Start a podcast or reach out to hosts of other podcasts and offer to share some deep knowledge you have, or even talk about soft skills, etc
  5. Speak at local user groups or conferences (where you don’t need to worry about travel and costs, just show up and speak)


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