243: Mastering the Art of Switching Careers in Tech with Dan Lew


In this episode, Donn and Kaushik talk to long-time friend Dan Lew about his recent career switch from Android developer to TypeScript/Node.js/Progressive Web App Developer (and more).

It’s an interesting discussion that covers …

  • Why Dan decided to leave the Android world
  • The challenges he faced when he moved from one tech stack to another
  • How to prepare for a big change like this (mentally, financially, etc.)
  • How to create the life you want live vi by identifying what’s important to you
  • and much more …


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199: iOSDev vs AndroidDev.lazy().not()


A tweet from a famous tech journalist about Android vs iOS spurs a storm. In this episode, Donn and Kaushik given their honest thoughts on iOS vs Android; and being developers for the platform.



067: Cross platform development with Xamarin cofounder Joseph Hill

In this episode, Donn talks with Xamarin cofounder on how one can use Xamarin for Android development.

They start off chatting about using Xamarin just for business logic sharing. This Joseph tells us was the original intention for use. They also touch on Xamarin forms which allows you to additionally build UI elements cross platform.

Even if you don’t use Xamarin or plan to use Xamarin right away, this was a fantastic insight into the platform, from the creators directly. They touch on advantages, how to really leverage the platform and potential downsides.

Download directly

This is our last episode for 2016 and we’re glad we get to end on an high note. See you in 2017!

Show Notes

Apps using Xamarin for Code sharing

Notable alternatives:


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