111: Effective Java v3 – Item #5 – Prefer Dependency Injection to Hardwiring Resources

In this mini-fragment episode, Donn talks about Item #5 of the Effective Java (Third Edition) book – Prefer Dependency Injection to Hardwiring Resources.

Please note, this episode references the third edition of the Effective Java book that recently came out. Previously we were doing the entire series on version 2, but we are now upgrading to version 3 of the book. We will not be re-doing any of the existing lessons, but if one was inserted in the mix, then we will do that lesson.

This is the case with Item #5. We did Item #5 previously for v2 of the book, but v3 introduced a new Item 5 (and bumped the previous Item 5 up to 6).

TLDR; Item #5 is new in the third edition of the Effective Java book. So listen closely. :)

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094: Design Patternitis – 5 Tips to Help You

In this episode of Fragmented, Donn talks about a common problem almost all software engineers face in their career – Design Patternitis.

So, you’ve read the books on design patterns and now you’re applying them everywhere. Just because some code can be put into a pattern doesn’t mean you should. Or should you? How can you apply them when needed? Donn shares 5 tips with you that you can use to help combat Design Patternitis.


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080: 10 Books Android developers should read

In this episode Donn and Kaushik recommend 10 books on Software programming that they think every Android developer would greatly benefit from reading. These are books that helped them become better programmers and have had the most impact in their daily lives as Android developers.

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Show Notes

  1. Effective Java – Joshua Bloch
  2. Working effectively with legacy code – Michael Feathers
  3. Head first Design Patterns
  4. Don’t make me think – Steve Krug, 3rd edition
  5. Java Concurrency in Practice
  6. XUnit testing patterns
  7. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture – Martin Fowler
  8. Javascript the good parts – Douglas Crockford
  9. Clean Code – Robert.C.Martin
  10. Coders at Work – Peter Seibel

Honorable mentions