060: Smoke and Mirror Android UI tricks with Israel

We talk with Android UI magician Israel. In this episode, Israel does what magicians are never supposed to do, reveal those exciting magic tricks. He talks about tricks you can use in your Android apps to create a super slick UI, citing examples from Google Photos, Twitter and other apps.

Dazzle your Android users with these UI tricks.

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Smoke and Mirros



059: Chiu-Ki Chan explains Mocking and Stubbing with Mockito

We talk with the all-star multi-talented GDE Chiu-Ki Chan about testing. Specifically, we dive into leveraging Mockito for your testing needs. What is Mocking, what is Stubbing, what are the different test doubles, how does mockito help with this? Listen on to find about that and some more interesting stuff on testing!

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Show Notes

About Chiu-Ki:

fake SharedPreferences implementations from AOSP

Different kinds of Test doubles

  • Know your test doubles [testing.googleblog.com]
  • [Test Doubles: Mocks, Stubs, and More](https://www.objc.io/issues/15-testing/mocking-stubbing/ http://www.javaworld.com/article/2074508/core-java/mocks-and-stubs—understanding-test-doubles-with-mockito.html) [objc.io]
  • Mocks aren’t Stubs [martinfowler.com]




058: Effective Java for Android Developers – Item #11: Override clone Judiciously

In this mini-Fragment, Donn talks about Item #11 of the Effective Java series – Override clone Judiciously. You’ll learn about the extralinguistic behavior of clone and the Cloneable interface. Clone and Cloneable are very special, and this episode helps explain the nuances.

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057: Data Binding with GDE Lisa Wray

In this episode we talk with, Lisa Wray, first of her job title, mother of the Genius Android app and sorceress of Data Binding.

What is Data Binding? How does it work? What can you do with it? … and what you can really do with it ! Listen on and find out more. Lisa walks us through the basics and then talks to us about how we can really push the envelope with Data Binding and do some really cool things.

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Show Notes

About Lisa Wray

Data Binding Resources



Fragmented Podcast Update – Sol 2 – TSHIRTS!

Everybody loves t-shirts! More than one listener in the past has asked us when Fragmented is going to have a t-shirt – one they can wear at conferences and such.

We thought about it, but never could hone in on a wicked design. The bar is set SUPER high for good t-shirts these days! The design has to be iconic, yet you should be able to comfortably wear it to work and it shouldn’t turn you into a public billboard. Most importantly though – the design should be distinctly Android…

That calls for an extra special t-shirt and we’re stoked to tell you this… we have something extra special for you … check it out …

Announcing the Limited Edition Fragmented T-Shirt:


If the design is familiar, it should be. We worked with Taylor Ling who’s released a bunch of amazing DroidTees in the past. Taylor Ling is a phenomenal designer, who also happens to be a GDE for design and clearly understands Android design intimately.

We asked Taylor if he would do a limited edition special Fragmented t-shirt and he gladly obliged (thanks a ton, Taylor). We are super stoked to be releasing these t-shirts. They’re available in a whole bunch of colors and sizes for a limited time. We would be honored if you got one for yourself!

Purchase the t-shirt here.